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Tourist Information Centre

Glenelg Town Hall

The Glenelg Tourist Information Centre is now located inside the old Glenelg Town Hall, Moseley Square, which they share with the Bay Discovery Centre and Boomer’s Diner. This is also conveniently located all within a minute's walk from the Ensenada Motor Inn and Suites - Glenelg.

Renovations to the centre have expanded and revitalised the customer service and display areas and has given the place a new look and feel. More additions are planned in the coming months.

The Historic Glenelg Town Hall takes pride of place as the home of the Bay Discovery Centre, a social history museum interpreting the cultural heritage of Holdfast Bay.

The mezzanine gallery hosts exhibitions by emerging and established South Australian artists which celebrate and explore Holdfast Bay’s beach culture and represent a diversity of media and practices ranging from paintings and photographs to ceramics, sculpture and jewellery.

Artists featured in previous exhibitions have included David Archer, Andrew Baines, Robin Best, Christian Hall, Abbas Mehran, Tim O'Shea, Beverley Southcott, Claire Thompson-Richards, Leo Neuhofer and Gerry Wedd.

The Bay Discovery Centre also features community and historical exhibitions, contributing to its distinctive blend of visual art, heritage and tourism.

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